If you have come here looking for Envirotoy, we are now called Karooku Kids. Don’t worry, Our shop still contains lovely items for children only from carefully selected, trusted brands. From a great selection of Eco Friendly Toys to Bamboo tableware and natural Art and Craft materials – we are adding new products every week at Karooku Kids and have a strong allegiance to natural and eco friendly products.

Eco Friendly Toys

Karooku Kids is the new name for Envirotoy. We have a huge range of eco friendly toys in our shop. These are made from wood, natural rubber and other plastic free materials only from carefully selected, trusted brands who responsibly source their materials and don’t use plastic in their packaging. We hope that you and your children will love our range of sustainable toys here at Karooku Kids. A wooden toy can be a beautiful gift for a child which will last a lifetime but will be a lot kinder to the planet for future generations. Happy Children; Happy Planet!

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Eco Friendly Toys - what are they to us?

Plastic Free

The majority of the toys in our eco section are 100% plastic free. Making plastic derived from petrochemicals has a high carbon footprint and pollutes the planet at the end of it’s life. Bio plastic – plastic made from plants is a great (but not perfect) alternative as is in theory is carbon neutral. Any CO2 emitted during manufacture is reabsorbed during the growth of the plant. Being plant based it also doesn’t contain the nasties that pollute the earth at the end of its life. There are also some great products out there made from recycled ocean plastic. Again recycling isn’t the perfect answer, however at least we aren’t adding to the problem with new virgin plastic.


We have recently launched our ‘Buy, play, return’ scheme. You can return a used toy to us in under 2 years for a 40% discount on a new purchase with us up to the same value. We will then resell this on a preloved section of the website.

We hope this reduces the piles of used toys families build up and mean they can be used over again with a new child – increasing the lifecycle of the toy which in turn will mean that less toys have to be produced in the first place!




It is very important that we understand where the material, whether that be wood or rubber, is sourced from in the lovely eco friendly toys that we sell. For example, UK made products would likely be FSC, while products from developing countries are often made using a sustainable Rubberwood source. We won’t stock items where the materials have no provenance. Click here to find out more about sustainability in the toy industry

Fair Trade

We sell toys that are made in the UK, Europe, USA and also less developed countries like Sri Lanka and Indonesia. When sourcing a product from a country such as Sri Lanka or Indonesia, we ensure the company operates with Fair Trade values – this ensures that the people and communities get the opportunities, development and wage that their skills deserve. Click here to find out more about Fair Trade values within the toy industry


Biodegrading is the process of material being broken down naturally over time by natural organisms like bacteria. This is something that cannot happen to the majority of plastics. Sunlight will break plastic down into smaller and smaller pieces over time but it will never disappear – unfortunately, these tiny pieces of plastic will pollute our food chain and ecosystems in ways that we struggle to see.

A material like wood on the other hand, will biodegrade. In certain circumstances like in landfill this could take up 13 years, however, it will completely degrade to leave no trace and re-enter the natural cycle of the planet. (providing any paints used are also natural).

Eco Packaging

We do the upmost to choose toys that have no plastic in their immediate packaging. A small number do (we a badgering them to change!) The new boxes or pouches we deliver in are 70-100% recycled and 100% recyclable. We will also re-use packaging that we receive goods in so every box may not be the same but as long as your toy is packaged safely and we are using our materials in the most efficient manor that is the main thing! We also use fully recyclable labels and kraft tape instead of plastic tape. A tiny amount of paper items we sell are packaged in bioplastic – made out of starch and 100% biodegradable and home compostable.

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