Tender Leaf Toys Pots and Pans Wooden Play set


Lovely wooden Pots and Pans finished with lovely colours – 100% plastic free

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Tender leaf Toys have been manufacturing beautiful wooden toys for over 30 years using. After roughly 25 years, when the Rubber tree has finished producing Latex, it is felled and used for its wood. A new tree is then planted to repeat the process, making Tender Leaf Toys one of the most sustainable brands in our shop. All of their toy products meet the European, American, Australian and New Zealand standard safety standards. They also have ICTI (ethical toy programme) seal of approval. Their sustainable and ethical standards, a long with their passion of bringing the excitement of wooden toys back into the family environment is the heart of their philosophy. All toys are designed with a child’s development at the fore.

Dimensions 35 × 25 × 8 cm






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