Wooden Toys

We have hundreds of wooden toys in stock from some great brands like Lanka Kade and Plan Toys. All of them fulfil our philosophy – to find out more please read on.

Why buy a wooden toy from Karooku?

There are many advantages of buying a wooden toy from Karooku Kids.

Free delivery on all orders over £30

Free returns for £60 days

Play, return and save

Karooku Kids has bought a new idea for toys to the market – children grow and change so quickly so what is yesterday’s favourite toy is less so tomorrow. Also, many toys, even wooden ones are not recyclable – we wont extend the useful life of a toy.

You can return a toy that you have bought from us within 2 years for 40% discount on your next order. Ts & Cs and Exclusions (like bath toys) apply – to find out more click here

What makes a great wooden toy according to us?

UKCA certified

All our toys are UKCA safety certified – since the UK left the EU, this has replaced the CE mark and certifies that products are safe for use. For toys this includes making sure that toys can’t stab, trap, mangle or choke as well testing for 80 potential dangerous substances like cadmium and mercury.


We only sell toys from trusted brands with a track record in the market of producing high quality and robust wooden toys – brands like Plan Toys and Bajo. We get approached every day by Chinese factories selling various wooden toys with no provenance, these are items we wouldn’t sell. We believe that a wooden toy should last a lifetime –  every wooden toy that we sell will fill this brief.

Child Development

We like wooden toys that are designed to really develop a child through play – whether this be sensory or imaginary play, the design of the toy to achieve this is very important. An example of this would be the doctor set – developing imaginery, communication skills as well developing a child’s empathy.

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